Epitheliocystis in Cobia – Histopathology

Cobia, gill: abundant lamellar basophilic inclusions are observed, consistent with severe epitheliocystis infection H&E

Aquaculture of cobia (Rachycentrum canadum) has gained popularity in the last decade, and this species is now farmed in several countries in Latin America and Asia. Epitheliocystis is a chlamydia or rickettsia-like organism infecting the gills and skin of a variety of species in both fresh and saltwater. The disease has been reported in at least 90 species of marine and freshwater fish in both the southern and northern hemispheres. At least four bacterial species may be involved in this condition: Candidatus Piscichlamydia salmonis (Salvelinus...

Strawberry Disease in Rainbow trout – Gross Pathology

Rainbow trout with SD, showing characteristic bright-red lesions on the skin, and scale loss.

Strawberry Disease (SD) is a chronic, nonlethal skin condition that affects Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in the United States, several European countries (Scotland, England, Switzerland, Germany, France, among others), Chile and Peru (Sandoval 2017, unpublished report). In Europe it is also known as Red Mark Syndrome (RMS) or Cold-Water Strawberry Disease. The severity of the skin lesions suggests a hypersensitivity response, but hypersensitivity to what?  Affected fish respond well to immune suppressors including corticosteroids, but also to a wide range of antibiotic treatments, suggesting that...